Sunday, February 21, 2016

In The Air

Travels with kids. Can make for some of the best memories or some of the worst moments of sheer torture.  The word I would use to prevent these chaotic moments is, Grace.  Tons of it. And most coming from me and for me most of the time. Not to say that I consistently choose grace in the midst of unbearable stress and often times anger, but when I do, the moments seem to last shorter and arise less frequently.  Perhaps its not that the situations that would present opportunities to show just how well I can rip into a cashier, waitress or flight attendant become less.  But it could be, my emotional triggers just don't well, bother me as much, when I choose grace.

To be honest, I don't think the word itself can fully describe the transformation that happens internally when I make the decision to choose grace in a circumstance where my all too capable mouth could chose to destroy every available heart that is in ear shot.  But rather, the word grace is a living aspect of God's character and so it provides a variety of helps in the midst of my utter distress.  The grace found when I am attempting to provide a beautiful memory for my kids while traveling to fun and exotic ports like Grandma's house in NC or to the grand addiction that is Disney World is when I relinquish control.  That's it, control.  Control over the timeliness of those who are providing a service, control over the people and traffic that seem to drive 10 mph or more under the speed limit when I need to arrive at the specific time I planned us to arrive. Or control over my children's every action and reaction in the midst of my accomplishing my mission. I want control. I want it MY way.  There it is. All the variables of existence whether in traveling or daily agendas, just won't play by my rules.   And that makes me angggry!

But nobody, I mean absolutely no one played by God's rule when Jesus came.  But His travel plans weren't thwarted because of the surrounding company.  His countenance, behavior and mood were not determined by the condition of the moment.  He walked in perfect grace, grace that was not determined by others actions, but rather by the acceptance in trusting  that His circumstances were already determined by His Heavenly Father.  And in lies the key to grace, walking in perfect grace.  The antithesis of grace is selfish demand.  Demanding of control,  particularly outcomes and for particular schedules to fit MY desires, my demands.  

So, as I sit next to my son on the plane heading to NC. After a day of rushing 2 Hours to the airport, fussing about too many bags, getting through that wonderful experience called the security gate,  I reflect upon the grace that is ever available to me to take refuge in. Perhaps not physically finding a refuge away from the daily grind, but definitely a spiritual, emotional and mental refuge. Grace is ever present for the taking.God's grace.God's handling, planning, and ultimate control over my plans. Travel or otherwise. Though his plans may be unfolding through lessons learned in stressful moments. There is rest available.  That is,  resting in the unknown, in the variables that may come. But resting in accepting that what may come, is exactly what God allows. 

  So it's my choice to give and remain in grace, not in my control but in my Heavenly Fathers perfect will, His control. And there I will find myself in precious and perfect company, along side my beautiful grace-filled Savior Jesus. 

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